Bakery Show- Stoppers

 Bakery Show Stoppers have been offered on Celebrated Tables since 1982.  One bite and you will know why our customers come from miles around to bring one to the table of their choice.   

  • The Hollander:  A buttery shortbread crust painted with seedless raspberry marmalade and filled with a classic light fluffy almond paste batter garnished with fanned pears and baked until golden.
  • Fresh Fruit Tart: A buttery sweet flaky crust is painted with chocolate and filled with our ‘kettle made diplomat pastry cream’.   A generous arrangement of seasonal fruit artfully glistens from the apricot glaze hand brushed on just before a web of chocolate strings crowns the top.  to beautiful to eat.  To delicious not too.


  • 8″ serves 6 
  • 10″ serves 8
  • 12″ serves 12