• New York Triple Chocolate Cheesecake:  Semi sweet chocolate is melted and whipped with cream cheese, eggs and sour cream poured over a dark chocolate wafer crumb crust and baked.  Crowned with a rich chocolate ganache. A favorite cheesecake since 1982. Sinfully rich.
  • The Avalanche:  Cocoa butter white chocolate melts into a cream cheese batter along with fresh dairy eggs and love, a dark chocolate wafer crumb crust adds a rich contrast to savor.  Chocolate ganche or raspberry to the top makes this a wow dessert.
  • Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake: Our same outrageous Chocolate Cheesecake drenched in Chocolate Raspberry Ganache.
  • Old Fashion Plain Cheesecake:  Simply delicious. Old Fashion graham cracker crust.  Ask us about topping options.
  • Ricotta Cheesecake: Make everyday a holiday with this Italian Classic. Made with only the best Impastata Ricotta offer on a sponge cake crust.
  • Apple Caramel Cheesecake: The best Trinity ever. Apple, Caramel Cheesecake.  Just to put it over the edge we baked with an old fashion graham cracker crust.  Put the fork down.
  • Swirl Cheesecakes:  We begin with our old Fashion Cheesecake and create a pinwheel swirl throughout.

Key Lime Swirl:  real Key Lime Juice of course.
Orange Cream-sicle Swirl: with a dark chocolate bottom crust
Strawberry Swirl: Red pinwheel of fruit goodness.
Seasonal Swirls:  Keep your eye on on Seasonality Special.

  • Amaretto Cheesecake: Toasted Almonds suspended in a dense and smooth cheesecake.  Slow baked for a golden crown.  The buttery crust is embellished with orange and lemon rind and fresh dairy eggs for a cake like ending.