Baker’s Bench Specialties

Minimum order ~ 1 dozen ( unless noted )

  • Eclairs: Since 1977 we have been making pate au choux one egg at a time. Each eclair is filled with our ‘kettle cooked pastry cream’  which has an additional fold of fresh whipped heavy cream.  Each glazed with a delectable chocolate ganche.  Most popular of all our desserts.  Treat yourself.
  • Bailey’s Cream Puffs:  One egg at a time into our pate au choux.  Light as air.  We fill them with many creams.  Bailey’s Whip Cream is most popular.
  • Cannoli’s: Fresh Impasta Ricotta is whipped and slightly sweetened.  Each shell is filled to order to retain the crispness and each end is sprinkled with grated chocolate.  A favorite childhood ‘culinary memory’ was watching the aged baker hold her hand up for me to wait,  then crept around to the back fridge and emerge with the Real Homemade Ricotta.    Waiting for her to fill each one was so worth it.  We do it the same way today… but hopefully a little faster.
  • Almond Horns:  Chewy,  sticky and satisfying.  Made with Almond Paste.
  • Baklava: Crisp flaky filo leaves layered with walnuts and cinnamon then drenched in a fragrant syrup.
  • Ultimate Coconut Macaroon:  Plain, Raspberry filled or Chocolate Almond Crowned.  Caramelized coconutty chewy mounds.
  • Double Decker Brownies:  Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter or Chocolate Raspberry.  Dense and moist “Death by Chocolate”.
  • Fruit Tarts: A buttery sweet flaky crust is painted with chocolate and filled with our ‘kettle made diplomat pastry cream’.   A generous arrangement of seasonal fruit artfully glistens from the apricot glaze hand brushed on just before a web of chocolate strings crowns the top.  “Too beautiful to eat.  Too delicious not to.”
  • Napoleons: Are we in France?   Three layers high of flaky puff pastry sheets layered with our pastry cream.  White sugar fondant with chocolate lines styles the top.
  • Biscotti: To dunk or not to dunk?  Almond, Anise, Almond Choc Chip
  • Savory Biscotti:  Pistachio Olive


For most of us that do not have to think twice before sinking our teeth into a chocolaty moist chewy and sinfully rich dessert  others need to ask that nagging question “is it gluten free?”

These addictive Chocolate Macarons ( unlike Macaroons ) are the ultimate Gluten Free dessert that can be made in a variety of flavors such as pistachio, raspberry or even peanut butter.   A traditional French meringue with a crunchy exterior and chewy, moist interior.  Sandwiched with a rich ganache or fruit marmalade these exceptional cookies quell the  nagging question and reinsure you that “gluten free” can be synonymous with “ yum  –  gluten free ?”

So how and where can you get your mouth around these Macarons?
ade to order – just contact us!