Wake Up

  • Soaked Toast: Drowned in an Egg & Milk Bath and Griddled to a Golden Hue
    Choice of BakeHouse Challah  or Organic Wheat
  • Bakehouse EggPie: In the Spirit of Quiche
    Farm Eggs are spaddled with Thomas Cream and entangled with Todays Bounty of Goodness
  • Egg Wrap-ritto: Pressed until golden crisp in a HerbWrap until Crisp
    RumbledEggs  Black Beans  PepperJack Grilled Onion  Sour  Cream  Salsa
  • Philly cheeseSTEAK&Egg-PANINI: 2FriedEggs   GrilledOnion  Horseradish pressed in Ciabatta
  • Embrace the Morn:any style you please    2Eggs   MorningSPUDS   Choice of Country HAM  or cobxmokedBACON   TOASTEDbakehouseBREAD