Midday Cravings

Cafe Burgers on BakeHouse Buns 

BayouBurger: BeefTangled with Southern Andouille Sausage
HarvestTurkeyBurger: Our most popular sandwich has just become an Intoxicating Burger  VT cheddar  Sprouts   CranMayo   Indian BakeHouse Bun
SugarHouse Burger: GroundBeef   CobSmoked Bacon   VTcheddar   LettuceTomato  Grilled Onion
BleuMoon Burger: Blue Cheese of course
VictoryBurger:  seasonalMeatless


Rustic: SmashedAvocado  GrilledPortabella  LettuceTomatoOnion  Muenster   Lemon Herb Mayo  Ciabatta
Roast Beef Bacon Melt:
California Chicken Melt:
Warm Heart:
Sing The Blues:


Harvest Turkey:
Good Ole Turkey:
The Brit: