We are taking a break and have decided to remain closed this weekend (Friday 03 April, 2020 & Saturday 04 April, 2020) Check back with us next week for updated hours moving forward.  #wereinthistogether   

Family and Friends,

In our 30+ years of Food Services Operations in Vermont (here on RT. 7, our Center Street Cafe, our State Street Bakery and years of catering from our commercially licensed kitchen in Clarendon), we never imagined the situation we find ourselves in now.  Many of you have called or texted, voicing your concern over the impacts of the COVID-19 National Emergency on the Simple Elegance & Harvest Moon Family.  Thank you all for your support – it has helped us remain focused on what we love, feeding our community.

As you know, newly instituted rules regarding social distancing have changed how many of us are living day to day and the Harvest Moon is no different.  We will be going to a modified schedule & menu available only by takeout.  A throwback to our days on State Street.  Please note this could change in the days to come

We have started new menu and hours, which can be found on our Facebook Feed. Don’t have Facebook? No problem, scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see our feed displayed!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we urge you all to take care of each other.  We are In This Together!  Give your neighbors a call (remember social distancing) and make sure those who might not be able to get out easily have what they need to weather this storm.

You can reach us at The Moon:  802 – 725 – 8236  



Check out our Facebook feed for updates! Don’t have Facebook? Don’t worry, you can scroll through our feed below!